Rules of Renovation BBB Reviews

What is the BBB?

The Better Business Bureau or BBB has a history of providing trustworthy reviews and assessments of businesses for customers. What began 75 years ago as a Vigilance Committee for Advertising Clubs has become a global mark of quality assurance. If a business is ranked well by the Better Business Bureau you can be assured that it is legitimate.

The BBB is also committed to promoting ethical business practices and reporting companies to law enforcement that act in unethical or unlawful ways. Because they are not a publicly owned entity and are a non-profit, they are able to remain impartial and provide an independent assessment of a company and its practices.

Rules of Renovation BBB reviews are a trustworthy source for people to get their information regarding our business practices and the services we offer. The majority of Rules of Renovation BBB reviews focus on the positive aspects of our courses. Many Rules of Renovation BBB reviews mention the excellent instructors and the information they provide. Individuals who have previous experience in the real estate industry also often leave Rules of Renovation BBB reviews commenting on new things they have learned from our seminars.

Why are there negative reviews?

Although there are some negative Rules of Renovation BBB reviews, these are mainly complaints regarding program cost and Hilary Farr not being present at the seminar or event. While we understand that cost can be an issue, Rules of Renovation is an investment in your education, the same way a trade school or college course would be.

We also understand that many people would love the opportunity to meet Hilary, however, our events are not focused around meeting her, but on learning foundational principles for business. We do not make any claims that she will be able to attend events personally, but try to inform people via our Facebook page when she is able to attend.

Here are some more Rules of Renovation BBB reviews, so you can see for yourself what others have to say about their Rules of Renovation experience.


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